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Hey everyone! Just thought I'd drop a note saying I joined. I think, though I'm not sure, I'm going to an Adicts concert soon, that is, if I didn't get the whole date and month wrong. I think it might be a different band..
Anyway! Name's Rachel, and I'm 17. and yeah. that's it!

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I've been looking around for the lyrics to champs elysees but i can't find them. i was just wondering if anyone knew them. i wanna sing along to the song but it sounds stupid when i dont know the words and i mumble. also if anyone has the lyric for the song dynasty, cuz i cant find them either, please share them!

oh ya, does anyone know any GOOD sites for adicts tabs?

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Has anyone listened to the new cd, Rollercoaster, yet? I listened to the sample of Do It To Me on Interpunk and it was pretty cool. I didn't think it really sound like older Adicts though.

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Ipswich based Adicts is best know of it's strong visual image which is mostly taken from Kubrik's film A Clockwork Orange. Musically they were poppy power punk, bud sadly a little bit late - in late 70s they surely would have made it, but in times of New Romance and Oi they were odd band, still they did have success on Indie Charts. Their line-up was: Monkey (aka Keith Warren, vocals), Pete Davison (guitar), Mel Ellis (bass), Kid Dee (aka Michael Davison, drums).
Last time toured USA in 1994 and played 60 shows.