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i'm new to this place, i love the Adicts, they are awesome. me and a few friends are supposed to go see them in Oct. according to their web site, they are going on an east coast tour in october...anyone know about the tour dates? well i guess that's it really

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Hey. I'm Dana.
I've been a fan of the Adicts for a little over two years now. They are godly.
Just so this isn't a boring text-only post, here's some pictures of Collapse )
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hello . i am new. i like the adicts. im gonna promote this community so people can actually be active and join and stuf.............
i am sarah i live in l.a. and i liked the adicts since 7th grade um i go to pali high and ....i dont know what else. other bands i like are the distillers, sublime , mustard plug, the cramps, the exploited, pennywise, misfits, sham69, jimi hendrix, zeppelin and other bands too. oh yeah and blondie is cool
if you wanna add me ill gladly add you back :D
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sorry i changed the layout i just wanted some color and i cant get the pictures in the background on the journal...

i really want to thank all of you for joinin sorry this community isnt more fun....

jw have u seen pictures with monkey without his makeup..???

lol theres not much more i wanna say sooo much love.