Je Suis Satan (amaranthxrose) wrote in adictsnotadx,
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This is a drawing I made a while ago and thought everyone might appreciate it so here it is.....

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Yes I did draw it myself, but I had to trace the head a couple times cause I wanted it to all be uniform. But in some places the color bled 'cause it was sharpies. The second column doesn't show it but The Adicts does go all the way to the end of the page. I also have a few Adicts icons that I made so if anyone's interested just ask and I'll post them. Hope you all enjoy this! </cut>

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    who's going to british invasion?!?!

  • New journal...

    I was a member here before, StalkAbsinthe... I changed my journal and thought I'd let everyone know!! - Cause you know you want to know. Byyyeee.

  • hello

    well i recently started listening to the adicts and i really wanna learn to play easy way out does anyone got a good tab

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